View Full Version : SeaWorld Orlando - Why Kraken VR Was Removed

February 22nd, 2018, 22:37
Last month it was reported that all the extra Kraken VR gear was removed from the coaster trains and signs put up informing guests that the VR version of the ride was not available for the time being. This is despite the fact that a large shade structure had just been installed over the brake run to keep those riders more comfortable due to the longer than normal loading times that came along with Kraken VR. Despite the fact that the warning sign made the removal sound temporary, all the extra hardware that was added to the trains was removed without a trace, making this look like a more permanent change.
While I can’t say if Kraken VR is gone for good or not, I did hear a good story about WHY it was removed. Bottom line... it seems insurance companies became involved and the park was made to remove the VR gear. Despite running on the ride for about 8-9 months, a few issues came up with the mounting hardware added to the trains that needed to be dealt with. Along the way it was discovered that no engineering firm had ever “signed off” on the mounting system being approved for use on the coaster, and certainly not B&M themselves who had nothing to do with it.
You see, unlike other VR installations on most coasters that just headgear on the riders, Kraken VR was done with the intent of hardwiring most of the gear to the train itself to try and speed up the load/unload process. But unsanctioned mounting hardware would put the park at fault if something bad were to happen, like a mount failing and the VR gear flying off mid-ride, and now you can see why the park's insurance company has became involved. End result... No more Kraken VR. For the time being at least...