View Full Version : Disney World: Could Blank Panther's Wakanda Come To Epcot?

March 14th, 2018, 09:28
Orlando Weekly has posted an interesting story about Epcot's former Wonder of Life pavilion structure. According to the article the building's roof was inspected and cleaned, front and back, and Disney's Parks & Resorts Chairman, Bob Chapek was spotted on site taking a tour of the building with a large group of other Disney execs. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the Pavilion would NOT be used for the Flower & Gardens Festival... which was really about the only time the closed pavilion was used at all any more.
So the golden dome was cleaned outside... and probably cleaned head to toe inside as well ahead of the big-wig tour from Chapek & Friends... but not being put to use in the only remaining fashion it is ever used anymore since it closed as an attraction. Hmmm... something smells fishy and according to Orlando Weekly (https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/03/13/is-universals-marvel-contract-enough-to-keep-black-panthers-wakanda-out-of-epcot?utm_source=widget&utm_medium=articleblog&utm_campaign=rightrail&utm_content=TabbedPopularity), it all may have something to do with the runaway success of Marvel's latest movie... Black Panther.
Apparently there is only one small graphic up at Universal's Islands of Adventure that features Black Panthers' head amongst a group of other Marvel heroes, but otherwise Universal does not use the character at all. The thought is that Disney could try to use Black Panther theme in Epcot in some kind of new attraction, and reopen the Wonders of Live pavilion under a slightly new theme... but have the fictional country of Wakanda serve as the "sponsor" for the new technology pavilion. Thing of it as a Stark Expo like exhibit, featuring the wonders of Wakandan technology developed through the use of Vibranium. If they include a ride, it doesn't necessarily even need to be all about Black Panther... it could be something more like a "Soarin' over Wakanda".
The idea is kind of out there, but I like it, and it would fit in well into Epcot's new vision with it being placed right next to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy themed coaster replacing the Universe of Energy attraction. The question isn't just if Disney is willing to go for it, but also if Universal is willing to let it fly. With a Black Panther sequel already in development to hit theaters in 2021, Disney would have to be willing to fast track this attraction ASAP.
The article goes on to say that new negotiations between Disney and Universal regarding character use could be taking place, but elsewhere Screamscape has also heard that Disney may be willing to just try to push the issue as far as they can, and if it leads to a legal issue between the studios, Disney's lawyers think that the outcome of courtroom drama may be worth it, as it would likely lead to new negotiations that would hammer out new terms of the deal that both parties can live with going forward.
Otherwise, Id be more than okay with the idea of opening a new version of Body Wars with good old Wade Wilson (aka: Deadpool) as your pilot. How cool would that be?!