View Full Version : Vekoma Rides Bought By Japanís Sansei Technology

April 7th, 2018, 17:28
I didnít expect to wake up this morning to this bit of news, but the official statement is already posted to the Vekoma website (https://www.vekoma.com/) confirming that Japanís Sansei Technology has aquired Vekoma Rides in full as of today. As part of the agreement, Vekoma will continue to run as Vekoma, operating as an independent company, maintaining the same management team and locations that they currently have now, just adding Mr. Nakagawa (CEO of Sansei) to the Vekomaís Supervisory Board.
I believe this is similar to the terms of how Sansei purchased S&S Power a few years ago. It is also interesting to note that since S&S purchased Arrow Dynamics back in 2002, and way before that Vekoma had signed some kind of technology license deal with Arrow Dynamics to use their same track designÖ then I guess this puts all those old Arrow patents back together under one owner.
With S&S and Vekoma to continue to operate as independent companies, I also have to wonder if there will be any kind of friendly technology or design cooperation between the two units going forward. Who knows what kind of strange new creation could come from that.