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April 15th, 2018, 19:49
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Pleasure Island Family Theme Park was located in Cleethorpes and opened back in 1993. The park featured a fantastic variety of family & thrill attractions mixed in with two brilliant dark rides and many shows. From 1993-2009 the park was owned by the same family that own Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire. In 2010 the park separated from the Flamingo Land group meaning it had to operate without a major investor. Over the years many rides came and went, with Pleasure Island having many busy seasons. After declining numbers for a few years, at the end of the 2016 season it was announced that the park would not re-open for the 2017 season. Throughout 2017 many rides were removed and sold to other theme parks around the world. In March 2018 Pleasure Island held an auction to sell off various theming elements and the remainder of rides from the park.The day of the auction allowed for us to walk around the abandoned Pleasure Island Theme Park for the first time since it closed. It also meant we could film this video from both inside and outside the park for our YouTube channel.To see a video of the park operating, check out our vlog from 2016 here: