View Full Version : Universal Studios Japan To Bring Back Evangelion XR Ride, but is Space Fantasy No Mor

May 21st, 2018, 19:40
The temporary "Evangelion XR Ride" attraction from last year's Universal Cool Japan event is now said to be returning to the park for an encore (http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2018/05/17-1/evangelion-xr-ride-returns-to-universal-studios-japan-in-july) run from July 6, 2018 through to January 6, 2019. Just a reminder, this is not the original 4D theater Evangelion themed attraction which was attempted in 2016, but this is the VR experience overlay to the park’s Space Fantasty coaster which is currently being used for a Final Fantasy themed “XR Ride” experience as part of the Universal Cool Japan 2018 promotion that lasts through to June 24th. With the ride converting directly back into the Evangelion XR Ride experience following the Jan-June run of the Final Fantasy version, I find it interesting that essentially “Space Fantasy” as an attraction is being retired for the entire year of 2018, which makes me wonder if it will return at all in 2019, because as soon as the encore of Evangelion is over in January 2019, it will likely be re purposed as something entirely new for Universal Cool Japan 2019.
Anyone know for sure if Space Fantasty is being retired entirely due to the popularity of the revolving VR overlays?