View Full Version : The Rumor Queue: Jason Bourne to replace T2 3-D at Universal Orlando?

May 30th, 2018, 21:06
Some news from Universal Orlando:

T2 3-D: Battle Across Time opened in April 1996 and closed this past October (http://attractionsmagazine.com/terminator-2-close-universal-orlando/). For guests and park employees familiar with the attraction, it was inevitable. Will a Jason Bourne show replace it?
Disclaimer: Unless where otherwise noted, the following is rumor and speculation, and should not be regarded as fact unless confirmed by the companies mentioned.

The history of Terminator 2 3-D is fascinating. Production of the show involved James Cameron and Stan Winston, as well as the original actors from ďTerminator 2: Judgement DayĒ, shooting a 12-minute film that cost $24 million! T2 3-Dís final days were rough, although thatís not unusual for older theme park attractions in need of refurbishment.
Previous rumors pointed to AMCís ďThe Walking DeadĒ as a potential replacement for T2 3-D, but things have changed. An action show based on the Jason Bourne film series is rumored to replace T2 3-D. It would seem more Bourne movies are intended to happen, although the specifics are unknown at this time. At the very least, there is plenty of material for Universal Creative to draw from to take guests through fighting sequences, car chases and the like.
Whether or not Matt Damon will play Jason Bourne in the show footage and itíll actually be shot overseas is not known, but Iím certain Universal Creative intends to do both. A potential opening window could be anywhere between this fall to summer 2019, and I suspect t itíll be closer to the latter.
I expect more details and a proper announcement to emerge by the end of this summer, although this is assuming Universal Creative donít hit any snags and change the concept.