View Full Version : VRstudios brings Jurassic World VR Expedition to Dave & Busterís starting June 14

June 6th, 2018, 20:25
VRstudios and Dave & Busterís have teamed up to bring the multi-player virtual reality Jurassic World VR Expedition to location based entertainment centers across America beginning on June 14.
Dave & Busterís arcades across the country will soon offer Jurassic World VR Expedition, which combines moving seats with virtual reality headsets to send players on a digital dinosaur safari. Four guests at a time spend five minutes zipping around Isla Nublar, competing to rescue as many dinos as possible with a handheld scanner. The experience will cost about $5 per person, per play.

Jurassic World VR Expedition was developed by VRstudios (http://vrstudios.com/) based on their VRcade virtual reality technology, which has previously been used in seasonal VR attractions at Universal Orlandoís Halloween Horror Nights (http://attractionsmagazine.com/universal-orlando-announces-repository-virtual-reality-experience-halloween-horror-nights-26/) and Knottís Berry Farm (http://attractionsmagazine.com/vr-showdown-in-ghost-town-brings-multiplayer-virtual-reality-to-knotts-berry-farm-in-april/). Their newest project brings the dinosaurs of Jurassic World to digital life through their proprietary cloud-based VRcade Attraction Management Platform (AMP), which will connect over 110 Dave & Busterís locations, making it the worldís largest deployment of commercial multi-player VR.
ďWe are honored to be a trusted partner to Dave & Busterís, the leading restaurant/entertainment complexes in North America,Ē said Kevin Vitale, VRstudios CEO. ďTheir new attraction is a breakthrough for extending commercial availability of true multi-player virtual reality to locations around the country. AMP enables the seamless integration of technology and content from best-in-class providers including Hewlett-Packard, HTC, Universal Studios and The Virtual Reality Company.Ē