View Full Version : Avengers Endgame Trailer Released and thoughts /breakdown

December 7th, 2018, 16:01
So the first post on our new forum for Marvel News, im a massive fan of the MCU but not really a comic fan, first off heres the trailer


So we dont see a lot in the trailer but some key points, are Tony Stark/Ironman with Nebula, it looks to me like hes near Knowwhere ? as hes running out of air. 42 seconds in, is Nebula in the milano with stark ?

Captain America has got rid of the beard yeh.

Black Widow still has the blonde hair and hasnt aged much ?

Scott Lang knocks on the front door of the avengers base, so he got out the Quantum Realm? and also has the van to get into the quantum realm.

Bruce Banner is there

Hawkeye obviously lost his family and is now adopting the ronin persona.

Thanos is still farming and has the damaged infinity gauntlet and his armour is acting as a scarecrow.

Nice touch with the dusting of the logo and also the joining together for the title.

Tony is in the Milano

Thor is in normal clothes and no rocket Racoon.