View Full Version : Did Marvel Games Just Tease Fantastic Four?

January 8th, 2019, 16:44
Pretty straightforward honestly, Marvel changed the A in their logo to a 4 making Marvel GamesÖ. Marvel G4mes now. Why though? It is a good question. The studio is most likely teasing their next gaming project, seeing as how Marvel G4ming is Marvelís video game division. They owe all their success (https://segmentnext.com/2018/12/21/spider-man-ps4-fastest-selling-superhero-game/) last year to the absolutely phenomenal Spider-Man game that Insomniac developed.
What project could this 4 mean though? A lot of speculation surrounds it, one being of Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. Perhaps they plan to rename and rebrand it as MVC 4 instead. Although this isnít exactly news thatís worthy of being hyped up as a teaser.

Another theory is an Avengers game. Since the Avengers End Game movie is the fourth part of the series. Plus it marks the end of an era which Marvel might be paying tribute to. Thereís also the Avengers Project thatís been reported in development under Square Enix. Thatís one desirable outcome.
A slightly less likely but still plausible theory is the fact that Ultimate Alliance 3 is due to release for the Switch this year. The 4 could be a teaser to its sequel, but this theory is the least likely since the third part hasnít even released yet.
Maybe something related to the Fantastic Four? Since their actual logo does use the 4 symbol in a way similar to how Marvel is currently doing it. The last thing related to the Fantastic Four was that awful movie with the naked ThingÖyeesh. Hopefully, a game redeems the team we grew up to love as kids.
The rumored Disney-Fox merger could also be one of these possible outcomes that are being hinted by this mysterious 4. But then again this is Marvel G4mes, not movie studios. So thatís less likely.