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March 20th, 2004, 15:42
Any 1 got an xbox? ;D

March 20th, 2004, 15:46
Me for one and in my opinion probably the best console ever, well at least up there with the Dreamcast and the Snes.

March 20th, 2004, 15:47
U have halo?

Got any news about halo2?

March 20th, 2004, 16:37
i dont to be honest, couldnt get on with that game :)

my fave site for xbox gaming news is http://www.xboxrules.com

aint no better site in my opinion

so whats your site going to be about ?

March 20th, 2004, 20:20
well my first xbox site is still up, its name is xboxweb, or www.xboxweb.co.uk


The hosting was abit expensive and on the whole the site looks really boring. So I might be changing host and buying a new domain which if I did would be, xboxland.com, It will have xbox: cheats/screenshots/reviews/community and latest news.

- Tom

March 20th, 2004, 21:13
why not use a freehost like www.netfirms.com
they are good for cgi,SSi sites but not for php

also http://free.prohosting.com is another good free site too

If you can host your picture images on your personal webspace then anything up to 900 visitors a day these sites could take.

March 20th, 2004, 22:22
I waz using free hosting but I decided I didnt want the advertisements anymore, so I am using cheap hosting like 750MB unlimited email accounts and lots more for only 32 a year

I have found a cheap host they have really cool control panels and give really professional forums, I cant set up forums I have'nt got the knowledge. I like Invision Board, I just have 2 cancel my old contract ;D

March 20th, 2004, 22:53
Thats not too bad, though you always have the watch the bandwidth, it might be a good idea to set up an offsite forum its supprising how much they use.

March 20th, 2004, 23:18
Ok :)

March 20th, 2004, 23:49
or better still why not join an exsisting site like http://www.xboxrules.com and get in touch with the webmaster, see if you can join the team there.

I prefer to work on my own butsometimes its better to be part of a big team.

March 21st, 2004, 00:39
I may be getting my own forum with this new host, they say it has unlimited MySQL databases and I can create an Invision Board with a click of a mouse. ;D
I am always up for joining a team or network the more affiliates the better :)

March 21st, 2004, 10:56
yeah you see what i do with my sites is use all the sites as feeders for my others and all in all my hits go up and hopefully with a decent forum i may actually build up a decent community.

March 21st, 2004, 13:25
;D Your well on your way towards doing that

March 22nd, 2004, 20:59
well forums take a while to build and ive had some great forums but lost em due to losing my hosting at several places, but with the dreamcast site here and all the hosted forums,it should be cool.

March 22nd, 2004, 21:19
I will soon have an invision board, slightly more complex than yaBB, I think I will also have access to PHPBB which is the most complex of all message boards.

Having said that when I first saw this forum I thought and still think its cool, its easy to use and generaly brilliant. I noticed when I was joining you had 2 members not only about 2 days later you have four, that is a growing community. ;D

- Tom

March 24th, 2004, 18:07
well in time it will grow

the best thing is to keep posting and keep people coming back :)

March 24th, 2004, 21:21
I like posting here, the only my posting would be stoped is if I was banned ;D

March 24th, 2004, 22:47
unlike other forums i would rather tell people to do stuff the right way rather than the silly policy of banning for no good reason .

March 25th, 2004, 18:11
I hate banning and I especialy hate power crazed admins, 1 of those places is hwkhelp.co.uk, he closes any topic which says anything he doesnt agree with.

March 25th, 2004, 20:27
i know all about power hungry kids and it can ruin a good site, i can say 100% that this site will have cool heads in charge.

March 26th, 2004, 18:03
Cool ;D