View Full Version : Captain Marvel early reactions praise it as a “surprising”, “badass”, “all-in cosmic

February 20th, 2019, 20:21
This article initially started off very differently last night, focusing on how a bunch of trolls have been review bombing Captain Marvel on RottenTomatoes. This has come in ridiculous retaliation to star Brie Larson making waves recently when she learned that the vast majority of journalists she would be meeting for interviews on her press tour were white males. For a movie that is championing diversity with Larson being the first woman to lead a Marvel movie, this was concerning. Digging into it, Larson found that this was very much the norm for pop culture films, with women and persons of colour rarely getting these opportunities. So she decided to do something about it by reaching out to these usually marginalised members of the press and personally giving them an opportunity. And this has seriously pissed off some angry white dudes.
While RottenTomatoes (https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/captain_marvel)has since responded by deleting them, for a while there was a huge string of low-scoring reviews for the film posted by these trolls, slagging it for Larson’s “agenda” instead of actually critiquing anything about the movie. That last part actually being really difficult to achieve seeing as none of them have actually seen the movie!

There are people who have seen the movie though. People from just about every demographic out there. And you know what? They love it! That’s the general consensus gathered from the first social media reactions that hit the web early this morning after the first screening for the Marvel film was held in the US (and which made me revamp this piece).
While very, very early reactions from test screenings that hit the web a few weeks back had surprised many with how much good they had to say about Goose, the pet cat of Larson’s Carol Danvers who comic readers may know is a bit more than meets the eye, there are apparently a lot more surprises in store. Many of the reactions expressed surprise at Captain Marvel’s ambitious cosmic scope and its intriguing central mystery. Hilariously, many also stated how much fun it is, which is ironic given the ridiculous (and a little sexist) criticism some were levelling at the trailers that Larson needed to smile more. Ben Mendelsohn, who plays the leader of the shape-shifting Skrull aliens, has seemingly also added another standout entry to his ever-lengthening list of great movie villain roles.