View Full Version : Marvel’s Kevin Feige teases how the Quantum Realm will shape the MCU after Avengers 4

February 27th, 2019, 18:05
We shared recently (https://www.criticalhit.net/entertainment/kevin-feige-shares-some-big-ideas-for-marvels-eternals-movie/) that Marvel is already hard at work on its fourth phase and planning to make it even bigger and better if that is at all possible. The future of Marvel though appears to be more intergalactic with a focus on the Eternals and Captain Marvel. This approach is a great idea and way to introduce fans to more of the Marvel Universe and tell new stories and conflicts without needing to worry as much about continuity.
However, one big potential issue with their introduction of bigger and more powerful superheroes into the mix is the fear that too many of them will become too powerful and almost invulnerable to any difficulties they may face – one of the concerns especially labelled at the powerful Captain Marvel character. Having heroes that are too strong removes any sense of consequence in their conflicts and while Marvel has mostly been okay with this up until now, audiences are starting to like more of what they’ve seen recently were heroes fail and die at times in their struggles.
Kevin Feige shared in a recent interview with Screen Rant (https://screenrant.com/marvel-characters-not-invulnerable-kevin-feige/) that he doesn’t feel that any superhero is too powerful and wants to make an effort to ensure that their vulnerabilities are always shown – perhaps even hinting that there could be casualties along the way in the superhero world:

I think, as with some of the other characters you’ve mentioned, there are no characters — certainly no Marvel characters — that are invulnerable and that are immortal. They can all be killed at some point as Loki says to Thor in Avengers 1. So we may see that at some point, introduce that at some point.