View Full Version : Marvel still has MCU plans for the real Mandarin

May 22nd, 2019, 16:49
I donít think thereís any entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as divisive as Iron Man 3. Shane Blackís 2013 comic book techno-thriller was a hit both with critics and at the box office, and also a crucial stage in the personal arc of Robert Downey jr.ís Tony Stark. And yet, some fans still hated it. And a lot of that enmity was down to how Marvel handled the Mandarin.
Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck in 1964, The Mandarin was one of Iron Manís arch-nemeses in the comics. A descendant of Gengis Khan, the Mandarin inherited his progenitorís lust for domination, which he tried to exact using his genius intellect as well as ten ďmagicalĒ rings Ė actually repurposed extraterrestrial technology salvaged from a crashed spaceship. He was also a walking collection of terrible Asian stereotypes and caricatures. This was clearly a problem.