View Full Version : You wonít be able to buy Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC outside of the Expansion Pass

July 15th, 2019, 21:55
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is out later this week, with the Switch exclusive hack, slash and super-powered brawler bringing a dose of super mayhem to Nintendoís handheld hybrid. The game is developed by Ninja Gaiden and Nioh developer Team Ninja, instead of the collection of developers under Activisionís stable.
Itís called the Black Order, and it seems like a great, chaotic load of fun. The gameís not out yet, but we know that the game is getting a trio of post-release DLC, adding new characters Ė pulled from Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights, and X-Men Ė along with some new story content.
Unfortunately, it looks like you wonít be able to pick and choose the DLC you want, as itís all bundled together under an Expansion Pass.