View Full Version : Weekend box office Spider-Man webs up record-breaking debut

July 15th, 2019, 21:58
Forget those Andrew Garfield affairs, the Marvel-produced Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland are the ones that are really amazing. At least when it comes to box office returns. Spider-Man: Far From Home showed early that was going to blow up when it debuted early in China with a huge $97 million a week ago. Days later, and its lived up to that hype and then some.
And I really mean just a few days later as Far From Home actually swung into cinemas in some regions as early as Tuesday. This is not so out of the ordinary as many big films get a headstart. What is incredible though is that this Spidey sequel put everything else to shame as it notched up the biggest Tuesday opening in US box office history with $39.2 million (ironically, beating the record previously held by the Garfield-led The Amazing Spider-Man). By the time Far From Home hit the traditional weekend release window, it had already earned over $91 million. With another massive $93.6 million coming between Friday and Sunday, that gives Far From Home the biggest six-day opening ever in US box office history with $185 million.