View Full Version : [SPOILER] Let’s talk about Spider-Man: Far From Home’s two credits scenes

July 15th, 2019, 22:00
So they did it again. Those SOB’s over at Marvel fooled us once more! I’m not talking about the mid-film “plot twist” reveal that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is actually the villain of Spider-Man: Far From Home though. That “surprise” was very much expected from just about everybody who has read a Spidey comic in the last few decades. Mysterio’s introduction as a good guy who later gets revealed to actually be a bad guy pretending to have superpowers – thanks to high-tech illusions – is straight out of the source material.
No, what I’m instead referring to is Marvel’s own smoke and mirrors act of seemingly revealing in the Far From Home trailers that Mysterio is from another Earth. That little tidbit about a multiverse being confirmed in the wake of the events of Avengers: Endgame opened up the flood gates of fan speculation. So many crazy ideas were thrown up (including by me) for the future of the MCU based on that one line of dialogue… only for it all to amount to an elaborate ruse. A hammy bit of plot-wrangling that Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio and his crew of cronies dreamt up to sell him as a hero (and which actually got changed from trailer to movie!).
Well, not exactly as Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige told Fandango (https://www.fandango.com/movie-news/marvels-kevin-feige-on-the-mcu-multiverse-far-from-home-post-credits-scenes-and-the-future-of-spider-man-753812) that the Multiverse is very much a real thing in the MCU as “it just means [Mysterio] was full of s**t.”

I mean, in Doctor Strange, we hear the Ancient One talk about the multiverse, so we’ve already established it as a thing.
So yes, our crazy theories may still come to pass. Just not in this film. And with that, as I was sitting in the cinema, I realized that the film’s upcoming credit scenes would now probably be unlike anything I had imagined would happen. And boy was I right!

After scaring the bejeezus out of Zendaya’s MJ with a swing through Manhattan, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man figuratively runs face first into Mysterio’s final act of villainy. Created moments before he died of accidentally self-inflicted injuries during his battle with Spider-Man in London, a doctored video now shows Mysterio (who, at this point, is still believed to be a hero by the world at large) being executed by Spider-Man with the crippling devastation wrought on London and the rest of Europe also pinned on Spidey. What’s more, in his dying moments, Mysterio reveals to the world that under the mask, Spider-Man is none other than Peter Parker!
All of this is certainly shocking enough, especially considering a large portion of Far From Home concerns Peter doing whatever he can to preserve his secret identity. However, the biggest shock comes in the way this “revelation” is delivered to the world: J. Jonah Jameson! Yes, Peter Parker’s erstwhile moustachioed civilian nemesis has finally been introduced into the MCU. Previously portrayed in iconic fashion by JK Simmons in the original Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man trilogy, this time he’s played by… Oh hey, it’s JK Simmons again! Yep, Marvel knows not to mess with pitch-perfect casting as the Oscar winner is playing a new iteration of the fan-favourite character. Director Jon Watts has revealed that Jameson’s scenes were filmed at the very last moment, so as to not have his inclusion leaked and it definitely worked!