View Full Version : Marvelís Avengers Gameplay Leaks After SDCC 2019 Panel

July 20th, 2019, 21:44
Square Enix held a 2019 San Diego Comic-Con panel showcasing and discussing the highly anticipated superhero game ó Marvelís Avengers!
As we heard earlier this month, Square Enix would showcase the game in never before seen gameplay, but it would not be live streamed or shared online. However, that never stops someone in the crowd from recording it and sharing it online, and thatís where weíre at!

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The new leaked gameplay footage for Marvelís Avengers showcases a couple of main heroes in action such as Thor, Hulk and Iron Man. Each character seemed to have their own set of moves and playstyle which Square Enix has noted before!

Thor is very reminiscent of God of Warís Kratos thanks to the Axe and Mjolinar comparison, as Hulk is more of a brute running and destroying everything in his path, while Iron Man is more slower paced ó shooting off missiles, beams and more! The leaked footage only showcases 3/5 of the total avengers, but Square announced that they will release a more lengthy demo after gamescom 2019!