View Full Version : Marvelís Spider-Man Officially Receives A GOTY Edition

August 30th, 2019, 00:31
Marvelís Spider-Man was a massive hit and itís unfortunately only available on the PlayStation 4 platform. This was an easy exclusive to pick up for the platform and if you were holding out hope that it would later release for other platforms then youíre out of luck as Sony even acquired the studio, Insomniac Games (https://gameranx.com/updates/id/179174/article/new-sony-buys-insomniac-games-detailed/). Now that some time has passed since the launch of Marvelís Spider-Man, we got the official unveiling of a new Game Of The Year Edition which is currently available today.
Within Marvelís Spider-Man, players take on the role of Peter Parker after heís been the web-slinging hero of New York for a few years. However, a new foe has made himself known within the city with the aid of other villains of Spider-Man. With the city of immediate threat, Spider-Man has quite the challenge and its one that left plenty of gamers enjoying endlessly. Outside of the base game, the development studio over at Insomniac Games produced DLC which added new extensions for players to complete. Known as The City That Never Sleeps, additional characters from the comic book series brings in a new campaign.