View Full Version : Marvelís Avengers Will Not Feature Local Cooperative Multiplayer

October 9th, 2019, 20:49

Marvelís Avengers is an upcoming video game from Crystal Dynamics (https://gameranx.com/tag/crystal-dynamics/)while being published by Square Enix. There is no stopping the Marvel brand and in 2020 weíll get a chance to play as Earthís mightiest heroes. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to play with a friend then youíll be playing either online will have to opt-in playing alone. Today weíre finding out that Marvelís Avengers will not feature an offline cooperative game mode.
If youíre not familiar with the game, players take on the role of various heroes from the Marvelís Avengers assemble. The game follows a tragic accident that ultimately leaves heroes to be outlawed which causes the Avengers to go their separate ways. A few years later a new pandemic occurs that causes the Avengers to once again team back up and save the day.

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