View Full Version : Dwayne Johnsonís Black Adam finally has a release date and poster

November 19th, 2019, 21:28
Itís been five years since it was first announced that Dwayne ďThe RockĒ Johnson was attached to play popular DC Comics character Black Adam on the big screen. We didnít even have a proper DC Cinematic Universe back then, just a single Man of Steel movie and some (overly) ambitious plans from the suits over on the Warner Bros. lot on how they could quickly catch-up and overtake their rivals at Marvel.
As some Ė to be fair, most Ė of those plans fell flat, the DCEU went through several massive upheavals, one result of which was massive uncertainty over Johnsonís Black Adam. First, he was going to be the primary villain in Shazam!, then a secondary character to be expanded on later, and then finally a totally standalone movie that would eventually tie back to Shazam! Except we had no idea when that would happen. We do now though!
The former Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment took to Instagram last night to reveal that things are finally moving ahead officially with a release date pegged for 22 December 2021! We also got the first look at some early concept art created by the powerhouse duo of comic book artist legend Jim Lee and fan-art creator extraordinaire BossLogic.