View Full Version : Marvel’s Avengers Director Explains Hank Pym’s Role in the Story

December 9th, 2019, 20:46
Marvel's Avengers' debut trailer back at E3 revealed that Hank Pym is in the game, and presumably Ant-Man will be as well. However, since the cameo, Crystal Dynamics, Marvel Entertainment, and Square Enix haven't said much about the character nor shown any footage of the character either, which has left many wondering what role Hank Pym has in the game. Well, creative director on the game, Shaun Escayg recently addressed just this, revealing why Hank is taking up arms against AIM, the game's villains.
“Well, you know, the world without the Avengers is basically a world dominated by AIM and it sort of pushes this ‘the cost of freedom’ question, right?” said Escayg while speaking with Den of Geek (https://www.denofgeek.com/us/games/marvel/284653/avengers-game-captain-marvel-hank-pym-ant-man). “Or the cost of security. So AIM has now dominated this new environment, with this vacuum created with no Avengers, and everyone is at the mercy of AIM. And as a fellow scientist, Hank Pym becomes kind of wrapped up in the same sort of plight as the Avengers."