View Full Version : Ms. Marvel Really is The New [SPOILER] Spider-Man

December 9th, 2019, 20:49
It's official; Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel (https://screenrant.com/tag/ms-marvel/) really has become the next symbiote Spider-Man (https://screenrant.com/tag/spider-man/). Stop us if you've heard this before: a superhero is unexpectedly transported to an alien world. There, they wind up wearing a new costume with strange properties, that boosts their powers but also affects their aggression level. They return to Earth, and their private life soon devolves to a state of chaos; finally, they realize their new suit has a mind of its own, and they reject it, only for said costume to become a new supervillain.
The broad brush strokes will be familiar to absolutely any reader. This is the story of Spider-Man's black costume, in which the web-slinger unwittingly brought an alien Klyntar symbiote to Earth, and it became the origin story of Venom (https://screenrant.com/tag/venom/). It's also the story of Kamala Khan in her current ongoing, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel. There have always been striking similarities between Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man (https://screenrant.com/mcu-spiderman-replacement-ms-marvel/) - in fact, Marvel deliberately followed the same "Everyman Hero" pattern when they created her. But these comparisons have become explicit of late, with readers somewhat amused to find writer Saladin Ahmed retelling a classic story.