View Full Version : Marvelís Iron Man VR Delayed to May 2020

January 19th, 2020, 14:07
Developer Comouflaj took to Twitter this morning to join the delaying season party with their highly anticipated VR title, Marvelís Iron Man.
Yes, another game has been delayed, however, itís at a much smaller scale as its only a couple of months. Iron Man VR is now set to release for the PSVR on May 15, 2020. The developers wanted to meet their vision and reach the high expectations of the fans so they decided to delay the game to help polish the epic game.

In related news, (https://gameranx.com/updates/id/177134/article/iron-man-vr-new-detailed-new-trailer-behind-scenes-gameplay-revealed/) Ryan Payton Director at Camouflaj took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss a little more about the highly anticipated title, Iron Man VR.
Announced earlier this year, Marvel and Sony will be bringing you the experience of a lifetime and will finally allow you become Iron man through the power of the PSVR. Not many details have been given when originally announced, however, Payton has returned and with some great news! Make sure to check out the recently released behind the scenes footage for Iron Man VR right here! (https://gameranx.com/updates/id/177134/article/iron-man-vr-new-detailed-new-trailer-behind-scenes-gameplay-revealed/)
Iron Man VR is now set to release for the PSVR on May 15, 2020. Are you excited for the upcoming VR title? Let us know in the comments below!