View Full Version : Captain Marvel Is Coming Back for Round 2!

January 23rd, 2020, 16:51
Carol Danvers is back and in the best possible way! Captain Marvel herself is set to have a sequel, after her billion-dollar debut, and this time, she may have a solo female director. The followup to the 2019 Captain Marvel seemed inevitable, and yet, the news broke and had Twitter and every fan of Carol Danvers excited.
The first film was directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, and the news has it that Fleck is not returning. That doesnít mean that Boden is set to direct the sequel on her own, but the prospect of a woman taking on the film without a male co-director delights me, because itís past time for Marvel to move past the idea that a woman canít just direct a superhero movie herself.

All that being said, the sequel just Ö felt like it should happen, right? With everything happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it never crossed my mind that Carol wouldnít get her own trilogy, as the rest of the main heroes have. Itís a simple concept, to me. If youíre leading the Avengers, you should get your own trilogy, right? But then again, there is still a strange stigma against female-led hero films, despite the proof that they are successful.
So, breaking news that seemingly had Twitter screaming about a sequel to Captain Marvel is both exciting and upsetting. It should be a given that a movie that breaks the billion-dollar mark within the context of a franchise should get a sequel, and yet, here we are.
Twitter was a weird mix of everyone being excited with a few tweets seemingly acting like there isnít a huge backlash against Carol (shout out to those antis on Twitter), but overall, the consensus is just that weíre happy thereís going to be more Captain Danvers!