View Full Version : Rumour: Loki TV series to introduce Kang the Conqueror

February 18th, 2020, 17:08
With Marvel now expanding into the TV series game with their Disney+ shows, the opportunity for more in-depth storytelling and for bringing new characters into the mix has only increased. Most studios might baulk at the added complexity of bringing even more characters into the mix and somehow maintaining consistency across storylines, but it looks like Marvel will simply be taking even more risks with the way they will allow these new shows to expand their universe.
Something which the upcoming Loki series likely to do. With Loki having captured the Space Stone in Endgame in an alternate timeline, the premise of the show is set up for character to use his usual sneaky ways to mess with different timelines, something which will probably properly introduce the multiverse to the franchise. This direction was evidenced in the show’s Super Bowl commercial where Loki was briefly shown wearing what looked like a Time Variance Authority jumpsuit. In the comics, the TVA is an organization that monitors the multiverse and subsequent timelines, eliminating those deemed too dangerous. An organization which Loki has obviously caught the attention of with his time-travelling antics.