View Full Version : Matt Reeves’ The Batman is not an origin story, will be “very psychological

April 14th, 2020, 11:15
Once upon a time, Zack Snyder had a plan to build a DC Comics cinematic universe for Warner Bros. Unlike rivals Marvel, who basically became the gold standard for cinematic universes, Snyder and co were not going to introduce characters in solo movies and see them grow and eventually team-up. Instead, we would meet most of these characters already in (or past) their prime, and then subsequent standalone prequel movies would flesh out their backgrounds. And then the whole plan fell apart thanks to Justice League being terrible.
One place where Snyder’s plan had been made abundantly clear though was in how he introduced Ben Affleck’s Batman. The actor had his hair greyed up to look older than his actual 47 years, so that he could then play a younger version of himself in a standalone origin film which Affleck would write and direct as well. And then that whole plan fell apart as well. And now we have Matt Reeves’ The Batman which will see Robert Pattinson wearing the cape and cowl. We still have no official confirmation on just how Pattinson’s Batman will slot into the DCEU’s timeline (if he even will), but given that the actor is only 33-years old, and all the Zero Year vibes we’re getting from leaked set pics (https://www.criticalhit.net/entertainment/the-batman-set-pics-reveal-full-look-at-robert-pattinsons-batsuit-batcycle/), it made sense that this would be the origin story that Snyder and Affleck never got to do.