View Full Version : Marvelís Eternals: Release date, cast, plot and leaks

November 15th, 2020, 12:09
Directed by Chloť Zhao, the movie tells the story of the powerful, almost-immortal titular celestial beings who have existed for thousands of years. With a star-studded cast and a cosmic story that has endless potential, itís arguably the most exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in years.
Weíve scoured the universe to find every bit of information we can find on Eternals, including its expected release date, leaks about the movieís villain Kro and, of course, that exciting cast lineup.
Eternals release date: When is it out?Like the majority of upcoming movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eternals has faced delays due to the ongoing global health crisis. It was supposed to be released in cinemas on November 6, 2020, but was pushed back Ė first to February 12, 2021, and then once again to November 5, 2021.