View Full Version : New Fortnite Leak Hints at Massive Galactus Event

November 19th, 2020, 21:08
Ever since Fortnite (https://comicbook.com/category/fortnite/) and Marvel launched the Nexus War at the beginning of the season, players have known that something massive was on the way. The villainous Galactus has loomed large over the event, quite literally, and it's just a matter of time before he shows up to change the game (https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/fortnite-spoilers-nexus-war-event-galactus-date/). Well, with that major battle on the horizon, a new Fortnite leak has suggested just how big that encounter may be. This could be the biggest event Fortnite has seen to-date.

According to Fortnite leaker XTigerHyperX, the sizes for the files related to the upcoming event which is assumed to be related to Galactus are massive. If the leak is correct, it would be double the size of the biggest Fortnite event to-date. This includes two event packages that are 721MB and 500MB in size.