View Full Version : iContact 0.8 - Settings edition

September 2nd, 2008, 16:45
New for pocket pc;

A new edition of iContact is ready for download, v0.8, now with settings editor!

The settings editor will be in your system control panel, if you don't see it, a soft reboot may be required.

Here's the full list of improvements:

Added settings editor!
Added icon for settings editor into control panel
Changed add contact icon in default skin
Fixed "auto" email account
Bugfix: An upgrade will no longer overwrite your settings
Added GPLV3 License text to source code
Added iPhone skin to standard distribution
Removed ListBackground from .skn file, added to .png file
Added DetailMainText and DetailMainShadow to .skn file
Removed TitlebarBattery and TitlebarBatteryCharge, now uses .png to fill battery
Changed "Show Summary" to the less confusing "Manage Contact"