View Full Version : Sep-18-08] Manilla 2D Customizer v0.2.5

September 18th, 2008, 19:19
new for pocket pc:

Once TF2D came out I immediately tried to install and run the Diamond TF3D Config 0.6.7 by sushilange, unfortunately it didn't work, I started to follow the thread but have come to the conclusion that it is a Diamond App and will most likely not be tailored to work with Manilla 2D

I am starting this project because I do not like my home screen too cluttered so I disable a fair amount of tabs in Manilla2D and wanted a way to do this that was simpler than hand editing xml files...

First there are many people to thank because in no way am I trying to take credit for other peoples work

Thanks to udk, noonski, vetvito, hergzilla and the rest for getting Manilla 2D out and working, I was in the forums while vetvito and noonski were finishing and releasing the first beta and despite how geeky it sounds I must say that it was a pretty exciting time

Thanks to sushilange for inspiration via his diamond TF3D config program

and finally thanks to camro for his post that started me down the path of tweaking my setup

one last thanks to emunutz for the original HTC home Customizer