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September 28th, 2008, 19:44
new post on the pandora blog by EvilDragon (http://www.openpandora.org/blog.php)
A lot of guys over at gp32x.com demanded more blog entries - well, I'll try to post more stuff and information about what is going on.

At the moment, while craig is preparing all the preordering stuff and checking out that the production will go fine, the devs are hacking more and more of the Linux together.

The graphic drivers were working for a while already. Now we've got USB Hosting and Sound drivers working. Things are going well :)

Sound is actually pretty good. But as telling won't do here, here's a video where you can listen to actual headphones output yourself. I also used a PSX Joypad connected to a PSX/USB Adaptor to actually play it.


I have been working on defining some standards. The PXML file format has been released over at the boards here and are currently being discussed.
It will most probably change a bit (or even a bit more), as there have been a lot of good suggestions at that thread already.

Ryo started porting gmenu2x to the Pandora. It already runs on 800x480 with all the current features it currently has on the gp2x. As icons and text haven't been changed to the high Pandora resolution yet, they look tiny :)
But don't worry, we just began to port it. I will most probably have some pictures of it soon.
It will also get some new features like semitasking, PXML support (you don't need to manually add any games you copy on your SD Card, they will appear automagically at the correct category in the menu), showing preview screenshots and descriptions of games, etc.

Okay folks, enough talk for today... back to work for me :)