View Full Version : October 1st News 2000 Pandoras sold in 6 hours

October 1st, 2008, 23:21
from http://openpandora.org/
Well, wow, you guys killed our servers in a spectacular frenzy of preordering.

The forums are still dead at the time of writing. There is no doubt that once things calm down and everyone is able to place the final orders we will have sold out of the 3000.

We sold 2000 Pandoras in 6 hours even with the server totally besieged. Truly astonishing. Thank you all for supporting this project, all the emails, all the comments all, all the phone calls, all the news posts, everything.

Today we moved to a somewhat faster server which is why things were off line during this afternoon.

We are quickly looking in to if it is possible to increase our planned first batch to 4000 units.

We will update on this issue in around 48 hours.


October 2nd, 2008, 00:23