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October 14th, 2008, 19:15
News from ED: (http://www.openpandora.org/blog.php)

It has been a while since you got a blog update - I KNOW you were waiting for one.
Well, that problem with PayPal and your MASSIVE preorders including hundreds of eMails to reply to did take some time, so we did not have much time to do blog updates.
As the Pandora is coming close to a release now, we also had to do a lot of organization work so that everything will come together nicely.

Still, we were working on other stuff for the Pandora, too, so here is a brief update:

- We did some font tests for the GUI (gmenu2x - and another one is in development, so you should have two GUIs soon :)). The gp2x font was way too small on such a high resolution screen, so we did some testings and found out what font size is readable and what not. With the font fixed, gmenu2x is now fully working on the Pandora the same way it is on the gp2x. Now we can focus on improvements. I'll post a video soon - but I'm out of the office until October 19th, please be patient until that time :)

- The last components and fixes for the prototype case are being applied at the moment. That includes the keyboard mat and the hole for the stylus. Shouldn't be too long now until the case is finished.
Here are some pictures of the WIP keyboard mat. Still missing some stuff like air channels, but looking very nice already: