View Full Version : Pandora News - First GMenu Pandora Preview

October 25th, 2008, 01:44
What has been happening lately, you might ask...
Well, while craig and Michael have been organizing a lot (all the different parts have to be ordered from different companies and shipped to mass production), me and the devs have focused more on the default OS.
Ångström Linux is running very well already, with a lot of nice apps like Abiword, Pidgin, Gimp, ... Check out the Ångström site for information about what the distribution is all about and does feature.
I hope I can get the latest images soon, so I can show you some videos running.

In the meantime, I have a very very small video for you to show: The current, still early status of gmenu2x on the Pandora. Colors do look ugly at the moment, as the Kernel I have on my Pandora currently only supports 16bpp while gmenu expects 24bpp. The icons are still very small - but as you can see, it works!
On the video I move the pointer around with a USB mouse, clicking through various sections and finally starting PicoDrive Pandora!