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November 7th, 2008, 02:02
Well, I got quite a few news for you... yeah, I know: They're late and you know a lot of them through the boards already. Sorry for not posting here, it was a really busy time lately.

Now onto the news:

The Good: Because of the bank issue (see below), we have decided to give the Pandora some more RAM. It will now have 256MB! And 512MB NAND, which is quite nice, eh? And nope, that won't delay the production.
Another very good thing is that basically all drivers are working already on the new MK2 boards! We also have a GIT setup for the kernel - so as soon as we release the Pandora, you can easily grab the latest kernel source. With drivers and MK2 boards working already, it's time to report the base OS (Angström Linux) and tweak it.

The Bad: Well, one thing we're not very happy about is the LCD delivery. We're most probably having problems getting all the LCDs in time, so not all Pandoras can be delivered right away... we're trying all we can to get it to you, but basically, it can even take until 2009 until we get all LCDs. Nobody knows yet - not even the manufacturer. It reminds me of the European launch of the PSP back in 2005... planned for March, it had to be delayed for a few months because LCDs were not finished in time. Funny, eh?
Another bad news is some Credit Card issue with the UK Store: Credit Cards have to be refunded and transferred anew somehow. If you are affected, you'll get your money back and more information about this soon. To compensate you for all you troubles (first PayPal, now CreditCards), we decided to give you more RAM.

The Ugly: You might think "I wanna have more videos, NOW!". Yep. I'd love to show you more videos - however, the latest kernel with all the drivers support (keyboard, etc.) only works on MK2, and at the moment I only have an MK1-Board. I should get an MK2 board soon, then I can show you more videos. DOSBox is already running, I hope I can show some games as soon as possible!

So basically: The boards are in production, the case is currently being prototyped, drivers are working, Angström is basically working, GIT server has been setup already. All we need to do is wait for those LCDs - and then the fun begins :)


November 11th, 2008, 14:41
I'd be curious to know how many people are gonna give up on this one when they get the refund.
Also, i'd be curious to know the reason of the refunds.... You change your bank, so what? I just don't get it, sorry.