View Full Version : Pandora News - Look! It's a desktop! And a keyboard!

December 16th, 2008, 00:23
Yay! I got something to show you: Our very first, freshly bitbaken Angström build on the Pandora!
So, I'm gonna show you the desktop (the FULL DESKTOP MODE, not the minimal mode) with some apps. No Pandora-Customized theme (or fonts) yet, that's what I'm gonna do during the next time.
This boots off a single speed SD Card, so it will be much faster on the final unit. It's also not using any accelerated SDL yet (it's just for testing, customizing and selecting the apps we want on the stock Pandora. So while the other devs are enhancing the drivers and making that thing faster, I can already concentrate on the functionality and look-and-feel!)
Oh, and if you think I speak weird stuff on that video... I'm from Germany and just spoke what came to my mind :)


Oh, and the first prototype keymat did arrive!