View Full Version : Pandora News - Reordering Update

December 18th, 2008, 18:47
Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed we have not started the reordering yet for Credit Card orders. This is because of a frustrating new problem caused by this 'world wide banking crisis' crap.

We can't get permission to accept such a large amount of money via credit cards - and believe me we have been trying hard. So because some drunken city traders pissed away all the banks money we get told we can't run a business as we have been running it for the last 5 years. Ie we can no longer accept all orders via credit cards.

So we find ourselves in a strange situation, a product which is a success in hard times but we are not allowed to sell it to everyone who wants to buy it. At least not in the usual internet way.

As you know we have been asking people, where possible, to pay via a bank transfer, and a lot of you have (We owe about 1000 of you a drink), but for some of you this means paying a fee to your bank.

What we need to find is a solution to this, it looks like we may have to take about 40% of the orders via other means, we are allowed to take the rest via credit cards. And it's the same message from ALL the UK banks.

In the future, when we will probably sell 40% to resellers that isn't a problem, but right now... it is.

As you can probably imagine I have a headache over this. I hope we can work together for a neat solution.

There are various companies online who will do an international bank transfer for a much smaller fee than most banks. We should probably start to figure out the best route ahead.

We are willing to discount the bank fee from the Pandora price, as we are charged a fee for accepting credit cards anyway.

Opinions, solutions, ideas? I know it's a bastard, let's just try to work though it, some kind of reward for people going the extra mile to pay via a transfer is possible.