View Full Version : Leaked G1 firmware lets you revert to RC29

January 2nd, 2009, 23:10
Did you accidentally flip the switch on that OTA update to RC30 on your G1 and currently find yourself stuck with a non-root lifestyle? Well thanks to forum member chavonbravo over at xda-developers, things are about to get awesome for you. You can now revert back to RC29 with ease by snagging the uploaded image, renaming, copying to your microSD card, and running through standard procedure for re-flashing the phone. We can attest that the hack does indeed work, so feel free to proceed. Word to the wise, though: getting up to a modded RC30 isn't as easy as some might have you believe, so set aside a little time to walk through the steps (check out ModMyGPhone's guide page for clear instructions).