View Full Version : Pandora Polished Pictures

January 24th, 2009, 21:32
News from Evildragon

Some of you already saw the pictures of the final case craig posted at the boards, but here they are for those who haven't:




I also got the mesh of the case today and started to work on them in 3dsmax. Unfortunately real life work got into my way, so I couldn't finish any photorealistic renderings today, though I'm halfway through, so expect them soon.

Also, I want to take videos of cpasjustes emulators soon, let's hope I'll find some time, as I'm pretty busy with my regular work at the moment...

Michael Weston mentioned the FDM case might arrive at his place about Monday, so he can post pictures of the final Pandora case (well, still FDM, not the shiny CNC'ed case, but that will be ordered when everything fits into the FDM case).

That's it for updates for today, see you soon :)


January 24th, 2009, 23:54
Awsome :D