View Full Version : Pandora News - Craigs Talk At Newcastle University

January 27th, 2009, 19:36
The man behind the Pandora did a talk at Newcastle University:

Craig Rothwell — “Building a computer was easier in the 80’s”

The final presentation was given by Craig Rothwell from the OpenPandora project. The Pandora is designed to be a handheld game console with high-end PDA capabilities, but may also be run as a low-powered full-featured Linux desktop. The unit uses a 1GHz Texas Instruments processor, 256Mb of RAM and a battery which should last 10 hours.

The units are manufactured in the US as they have had problems finding a UK based company to work with. With over 4,000 pre-orders the unit this seems rather short sighted by UK industry.

Craig was supposed to bring a demo unit with him to the talk but the courier couldn’t get it to him in time. He expects to bring one next month and hinted that we may see them in the shops soon with a price point of around £200.