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February 3rd, 2009, 21:29
News from Evil dragon:

I know you're all waiting for news... well, here are some tiny tidbits, but nothing major YET. And there won't be as much stuff to post as I did last week, since we're now all waiting for the CNC case.

Well, and that brings us to on topic:
The CNC case has been ordered and while we don't know yet how long it'll take, it should hopefully be finished within the next two weeks.
During that time, we won't have much to show you - well, except for some more polished videos of the prototype case you've seen already since Michael will probably send it to me.
Also, I'll show you some emulators on it, running directly from Matchbox!

I'll also try to do more renderings from various views as well.
Stay tuned! :)