View Full Version : Wow Skills: Win Burning Crusade Beta Place

March 6th, 2006, 16:40
Blizzard's revealed that your World of Warcraft skills could earn you a place in the beta test for expansion The Burning Crusade. The company has unveiled plans for beta test-related contests on a handful of its public test realms. Win a contest, win a beta test slot - it's as simple as that.
Realms running the special contests will be brought online tomorrow, with contests kicking off at 9:01am CET (8:01am GMT) and remaining 'live' until March 27, 08:59pm CET (07:59pm GMT). In order to participate in the contests, your WoW account "must have been created on or before 12:01 PM PST on Monday, March 6, and must have a paid subscription active at that time", states the developer. Hurrah for time zones!

Blizzard further says that it has two different realms types for the competition: the Leveling Contest Realm and the Honor Contest Realm. The former realm hosts two different levelling contests, while the latter realm hosts a Warsong Gulch Battleground contest. Here's a breakdown of each contest from the developer:
Race to Level 50 Contest - Quality Over Quantity: Know all the sweet spots to level a character as far and fast as possible? Show us just how quick you are and level to 50 or higher on the Leveling Contest Realms! Up to 1000 [350] players from each of the major regions (US, EU, and Korea) will become winners in this contest - if there are more than 1000 who reach level 50, then those who reach 50 in the least amount of time will be chosen first, so be efficient!

Battle for Warsong Gulch: With the Honor Contest Realm level-capped at level 19, the battlegrounds are the place to be. Jump into the fray on this realm and face off against your fellow competitors - the 500 [150] players from each region (split evenly between Horde and Alliance, of course) with the highest honor totals by the end of the contest will be the winners!

Most Level-25 Characters Contest - Quantity Over Quality: We know you're out there - you don't have a level 60, but you've got a dozen level-30ish characters on your account and simply can't decide on a "main" character. This contest, which also takes place on the Leveling Contest Realms, is for you! We're looking to see how many characters you can get to level 25 in the time provided. The top 1000 [350] players from each region with the most level-25 characters on their accounts will win! Don't worry if you fill up all 10 characters slots; simply delete one of the existing characters that you just leveled to 25 and keep on going!