View Full Version : Firefly and Firaxis build CivCity: Rome

March 17th, 2006, 00:27
New city-building strategy game for PCs lets players control rise and/or fall of imperial seat of power.
The real Rome wasn't built in a day, but gamers will get the chance to build their own Rome in the course of an afternoon with 2K Games' upcoming release of CivCity: Rome.

2K Games is saying that the city-building PC strategy game is "inspired by the world of Sid Meier's Civilization," so it's handy that developer Firefly Studios (creators of the Stronghold franchise) is working on CivCity with Firaxis Games, Meier's current employer.

"Firefly has a long history with the city-building genre," Firefly Studios director Simon Bradbury said in a statement. "CivCity: Rome is our latest take on the theme, and with the influence of Civilization, it's certain to be the best yet."

Starting almost from scratch, CivCity players will build an imperial megalopolis with hundreds of buildings, from legionnaire forts and gladiatorial schools to amphitheatres and the circus maximus.

CivCity: Rome is scheduled for a PC release this summer. No date or rating information has been released.