View Full Version : Archlord Rules The 'net! New Screens

March 17th, 2006, 15:40
Heading to Europe and the US courtesy of Codemasters, ArchLord is a Korean-developed, fantasy-flavoured PC MMO that finds adventurers romping over the hills and dales of game world Kantra. New screenshots from the title have been released, giving us a further glimpse of the massively multiplayer online action that'll be smacking our heads for attention later in the year.
According to the powers that be, ArchLord features one of the most advanced and complex PvP systems ever seen in the genre, with sprawling free battle areas and special guild battlefields that enables players to battle in guild versus guild fights. However, the real cream on the swords and sorcery cake is the gameplay mechanic that sees players climbing to the giddy heights of ArchLord.

Every month, one player will rise to the rank of supreme ruler of the game world, presenting them with the opportunity to wreak havoc on enemies as they gain control of supreme global ArchLord powers.
Put on your top cat hat, leap onto your pony and gallop like the wind to the official ArchLord website for more.