View Full Version : MMOTBS (Turn Based Strategy)

March 17th, 2006, 18:52

I may be designing a new MMOG, but first of all I'd like to test the water and see if anyone else would be interested in playing it. How about a massively multiplayer turn based strategy game?

It would be something along the lines of Gladius, where the players take it in turns to move their individual characters around and perform different actions. You could design a leader character who you would play as in the lobby, but you can go to the mercenary recruitment office to build your gang up. You could then equip your guild members with different weapons and armour and you'd then fight skirmishes in an arena against other real opponents. Since it would be turn based, you can actually use your mind for a change, and employ tactics to defeat the enemy. Most MMOGs have pretty obvious outcomes because the fighting style is quite basic and repetitive, but I think being given the time to think out a strategy will allow players to outsmart the opponents.

You can enter tournaments and win prizes which you can display in your house, and your guild can grow in size and popularity as you win more fights.

What do you think of this idea? If you could take this quick survey I'd be very pleased.


Thanks for your time.