View Full Version : Burning Crusade's Hellfire Citadel Revealed

March 22nd, 2006, 16:37
As we sit around scraping dirt out from under our fingernails with a magic sword while waiting for Blizzard to confirm the new Alliance race in WoW expansion The Burning Crusade - and the release date for the damn thing - the developer has revealed a few details on a new instance appearing in the add-on. Say hello to Hellfire Citadel.
According to the snippet information on the instance that's been blasted our way, Hellfire Citadel is located in the new Outlands zone that's gracing The Burning Crusade. Handily, we've also be passed a slice of lore which sets the scene, so to speak - we've posted it below for your enjoyment:

On the blasted world of Outland, within the heart of Hellfire Peninsula stands Hellfire Citadel, a nearly impenetrable bastion that served as the Horde's base of operations throughout the First and Second Wars. For years this gargantuan fortress was thought to be abandoned...
Until recently.

Though much of Draenor was shattered by the reckless Ner'zhul, the Hellfire Citadel remains intact- inhabited now by marauding bands of red, furious fell orcs. Though the presence of this new, savage breed presents something of a mystery, what's far more disconcerting is that the numbers of these fel orcs seem to be growing.

Despite Thrall and Grom Hellscream's successful bid to end the Horde's corruption by slaying Mannoroth, reports indicate that the barbaric orcs of Hellfire Citadel have somehow managed to find a new source of corruption to fuel their primitive bloodlust.

Whatever authority these orcs answer to is unknown, although it is a strongly held belief that they are not working for the Burning Legion.

Perhaps the most unsettling news to come from Outland are the accounts of thunderous, savage cries issuing from somewhere deep beneath the citadel. Many have begun to wonder if these unearthly outbursts are somehow connected to the corrupted fel orcs and their growing numbers. Unfortunately those questions will have to remain unanswered.