View Full Version : Ncsoft Reveal E3 Line-up

April 10th, 2006, 16:10
With the traditional E3 aroma of illegal hot dog vendors and bruised feet only a whiff away, its high time that developers started touting their big show titles to the press. First to lay its wares under the E3 spotlight is NCSoft, who has announced a number of games set to star at next month's Los Angeles show.
Tabula Rasa is the first title confirmed for the MMO developer's booth, a unique sci-fi MMORPG from NCsoft's Austin studio, being headed up by former Ultima designers Richard Garriott and Starr Long. The game features some exciting content like dynamic mission instances and voice-chat support, and is definitely one to watch out for when it hits later this year.

Also primed for an E3 appearance is the next chapter in the Guild Wars franchise, although it will apparently be securely hidden behind NCSoft's iron booth doors. Rest assured that if we happen to spy the Guild Wars sequel, we'll sing like drunken canaries across these pages.
A trio of online games finish off NCsoft's luscious E3 booth; Dungeon Runners, a fantasy MMO, Exteel, an online-enabled robot blaster and finally Aion, a big Korean MMO are all set to also debut.

We will of course have a full report from NCsoft's E3 headquarters next month. We're already sleeping in the afternoons to prepare for the jet-lag.