View Full Version : Supreme Commander Launches Offensive

April 11th, 2006, 11:42
If you're as old as we are - or at least as old as we're feeling this morning - you'll probably remember the rather excellent Total Annihilation from Gas Powered Games' supremo Chris Taylor.
Way back in the mists of gaming history, TA was widely considered a total classic and pioneered - or at least brought together - many of the classic RTS features we take for granted today. Although Taylor went on to found Gas Powered Games and moved onto the Dungeon Siege universe, spawning two games and a movie in the process, you always felt that he would someday return to his RTS roots.

Supreme Commander is that game and, as you'll gather from our extensive preview and recent interview with Taylor himself, we think this could be one very special RTS title indeed, recapturing those past TA glories.

Although the game's been kept mostly under wraps for the past year or so, Gas Powered now seems set to reveal a whole lot more. It has unveiled a fresh array of shots this morning to go alongside a newly launched Supreme Commander official website, which really starts to flesh out the game, promising 'one thousand years of unending warfare' as well as breakdowns on the whole SC universe, including planets, units, storyline and why Gas Powered reckons it's the "next evolution of the RTS genre".