View Full Version : Heroes of M&M V demo coming soon

April 11th, 2006, 19:03
Source Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com/news/6147450.html)

Gamers will soon be able to see how Heroes of Might & Magic V is turning out...again. The game made headlines earlier this year when some of the franchise's fans partook in an open beta testing and had an unlikely request for the development team--they wanted the game delayed.

Realizing that this was the first M&M game for both Ubisoft and developer Nival Interactive, hardcore fans wanted to make sure the series got the attention they felt it deserved, and they thought Heroes V could use some more time in development.

The grassroots group pulled no punches, saying, "[We] all wish to see more releases in this new world that Ubisoft has created for Might and Magic. However, we also feel that, should you release the game on its currently scheduled release date, all of our dreams will be shattered."

Chalk it up to the "power of the people" or the fact that the Ubisoft brass were thinking the same thing. Either way the fans got what they wanted. The game's release was moved from March to May, and the latest build of the game is ready to make another public appearance.

Ubisoft today announced that the Heroes of Might & Magic V PC demo will be available for download on Thursday, April 13. The demo will include two maps from the Haven and Inferno campaigns, the curiously named 843 YSD: Falcon's last flight single-player map, and the new online duel mode.