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April 17th, 2006, 18:43
Do you have a review of a Game or Accessory for any of todays Consoles, If so post in our Submit News forum and if they are good reviews we will then post the news on the sites that cover the game you have reviewed.

Homebrew and Emulator reviews are welcome too.

April 17th, 2006, 19:33
Ive got one- Metroid Prime Hunters for the DS.

1 Player Adventure Mode- 8/10 it is fun overall but there is a lot of going back and forth between planets. This can get annoying. There are also a lot of sticking pints. But, I like the level of action and the storyline is decent.

Non-online multiplayer-10/10 there are a lot of customizable options and, if you are lonely and no friends or cant find them at the moment, you can use bots in the multicard mode. As and unexpected feature for me, there is a single-card mode.

Online multiplayer-9/10 the only bad part about this is that there are lack of customizable options unless you play against friends and rivals. Other than that, its solid.

Graphics-10/10 superb for a handheld despite the slightly low polygon count on the characters; there are wonderful environments.

Storyline-7/10 the storyline is about eight things, that I cant remember their name, that everyone wants and the bounty hunters want them. It is pretty decent but could use depth.

Controls- 10/10 great, easy and wonderful thats. It in a nutshell.

Overall-9.5/10 (not and average) great game that everyone whom owns a DS owes it to himself to buy.

April 17th, 2006, 20:33
If so post in our Submit News forum

This is for you, Gamer_2000.

April 17th, 2006, 20:50
This is for you, Gamer_2000.
??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

April 17th, 2006, 20:53
??? :confused: :confused: :confused:
Are you serious?

April 17th, 2006, 20:55
Lol Of Couse I Was Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 17th, 2006, 21:27
I am currently a moderator and I post reviews on accessories at mobiledeviant.com. I'm looking for a place to officially post my reviews at one website since mobiledeviant is closing due to costs to run the site. I'll have to get in contact with the companies that send me products to review and that I will be posting at a different website.

I know I'm not active here in the forums but I hope to be. If you're interested wraggster, PM me.

April 17th, 2006, 23:14
Well i wrote a review for a competition that didn't seem to make it cuz i was from Europe .. so here goes.. bit old game but this still rocks ..


April 18th, 2006, 03:14
Heres your review in text form, is it ok to post as it is now

Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan!

Platform: NDS
Game developer: Inis
Game publisher: Nintendo
Link: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/aosj/

Reviewed by: QazzaQY2K
Word count: 644

I got this game on my birthday and I must say it blends perfectly together with my insane addiction to music, rhythm & anime. You might not know but I’m an addict to Dance Dance Revolution, what’s that you say? You might have seen it at the arcades.

The game often has a large screen going with pumping music, lamps and most importantly, right in front of it, dance pads. You might know it as that game with the arrows going up the screen. Yeah! That’s the one. The big idea is to hit the arrows just right to the beat of the music. Same thing goes for “OTO” Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan!

But will I understand the Japanese?

Frankly, not really, not the kanji (symbols) but the game is so straight forward and simple that you don’t need to understand it. You’ll understand the basic idea of every stage, as they come with a Manga “comic” story to every stage. IMPORTANTLY: Yes it will work with any region of Nintendo DS out there as Nintendo DS don’t have any region protections. So this is a very IMPORT friendly game.

OK! Now we got that issue sorted. So what is this? It’s a dream come true to all music fans that like new original games. But WHAT IS IT!? Calm down and I’ll explain it to you.

There you are with one big mess around you and the deadline is coming just around the corner. Everyone wants a piece of you, you can feel the walls cramping up closer and closer and there’s only one way out of this. OUEEENDDDAAAANNNN!!!
“Ouendan” Cheer-leaders of three men come to your rescue. They know you can do this, with some cheering on you, showing BELIEF in you, you feel it is possible to do anything, with their music, dance and rhythm they help you believe in yourself to do amazing things.

Game play
As I said, it starts with you helping them. The main objective is to feel the beat to the music and hit markers on the lower screen numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… The markers looks like a round button and around it is a bigger circle getting smaller, just as it becomes the same size as the button
“Get or not to get, that is the question.”
*HIT* you press it… and with a nice beat of jpop or jrock (Japanese music) you start to do *HIT* *HIT* *HIT*…*HIT*. Wait for it, wait for it… *HIT* *HOLD* *DRAG*… Follow it… Don’t loose it… *SPIN*… With the flow of the fantastic music. You clear the first part of three in the stage, a cut scene is shown and the story unfolds depending how well you *HIT* the buttons. *HIT*: Miss, Good, Great, Perfect.

With a superb combo you make the first part. If you didn’t make it the cut scene is different as you failed BUT! If you energy bar at the top is still there… Life goes on and so does the Ouendan, as you make it through the stages and improve, you unlock even harder modes and up to fifteen people in need of some good ass kickin’ and cheering. Helping them make you feel good about yourself just as in real life.

Get or not to get, that is the question.
I’d recommend you to check out some cool game play videos, listen to the music and see how it’s played and jump up on the first plane to Japan and rent it, or mail-order via internet, which is cheaper. I believe this is the game if you want something new fresh and inspiring to your Nintendo DS collection, something no one else got for you to show off to others.

April 18th, 2006, 08:52
Yeah that's fine go right ahead ;D hope you guys enjoy it.

P.S if you could em add a link to my forum that's be nice.. it's em for a Nintendo DS turnament in Sweden i'm looking for ALOT of ppl to join in that's going to Dreamhack or Lanwar



April 18th, 2006, 11:16
ok will do :)

April 18th, 2006, 11:22
posted in the Nintendo DS News forum which shows up at http://nintendo-ds.dcemu.co.uk

April 18th, 2006, 13:53
Hmm.. liksang link ic.. ohh well ;P but when time comes i'd like to get some news posted about my turnaments cuz of that.. anyway.. looks good ;D i'll make a proper news article about my turnament thingy l8r today maybe..

April 28th, 2006, 16:53
***PSP Bruce Lee
(I used gamer_2000's rating format b/c I liked it)

1 Player Mode- 9/10 - A great game with easy-to-use controls, cool music and funny characters. I crack up every time I play it b/c of the sound effects. Bruce Lee says things like, "I hate'choo" and makes other funny karate noises while beating up his enemies. It's a fast-paced game, resembling "Kung-Fu" for Nintendo in a distant sense. The graphics are exactly like 8 bit graphics, and it's an incredible game for a homebrew. Again, as I always complain about, there is no save option and it's a really hard game, so it's very frustrating to have to start all over every time you want to play again. But again, this is my favorite homebrew to date. Nice, smooth gameplay. For a homebrew, it's top level.

Graphics-7/10 - Again, 8 bit graphics make the game appear like you're playing it on NesterJ. Looks exactly like an old Nintendo release. It's great, but still, when you compare it to games of today, it's hails in comparison to the graphics of our current-gen platforms. That's kinda why I don't play NesterJ anymore; b/c the graphics and gameplay are too simplistic. But then again, Super Mario Bros. is still fun to run through every now and again. Bottom line though, the graphics on this game are great! (This has to be coded in C++!!)

Storyline-7/10 - (Non-applicable.) Run around like a crazy, drugged out Bruce Lee and destroy everyone in your path! Good for a half-hour of fun! (Seriously, does anyone ever play homebrew for more than an hour?)

Controls- 10/10 - Controls are very easy. In every way, this emulates Nintendo. Right dpad is run right, Left dpad is run left, up is jump, X is attack.

The Bottom Line: 8 - This game is great and it's nearly at the top of my homebrew list and would be, but I find it more useful to keep some of the important apps at the top of my homebrew list. This game has everything you'll want for continuous entertainment and for those hardcore homebrew fans - if you haven't tried this, it's one game you're missing. Unfortunately, this game is very obscure and no one really knows about it. It is a homebrew must have, so check the homebrew section on this site.

April 28th, 2006, 18:54

i was trying to find out about a tv tuner accessory for my psp that picks up local channels like my old sega gamegear does!!! and what i found blew my mind!!
this is the link http://www.brighthand.com/default.asp?newsID=1258&showComments=true

Sony has been toying with television technology in tiny form factors for a while now. There was even some speculation that the Clie NZ90 would have a TV tuner built in. We have now learned that Sony has been showing off their new TV card concept design at the CeBIT show.
While Sony does not have this unit in production, I'm glad to see them thinking along these lines, even if it's in the Duo form factor. Is this something you would buy if it came to market and if so, for how much? I'd pay $200+ in a heartbeat